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I have been working with computer security both professionally and out of personal interest for over 15 years. I work for Kaspersky Lab where I am responsible for both research and technical PR activities in the Nordic region. My main objective with this job is to improve our security mindset by not just identifying weaknesses but also through innovative research, acting as security advisor and speaking at events around the world.

During my professional time in the IT-security industry ive worked in many different areas, some key fields are: research, development, security and risk audits, penetration tests, threat and vulnerability management, customer experience, business development, strategic research, public speaking, advisory boards and much more.

My journey started at an early age (11 years old), by being connected to the BBS:s, developing simple programs in BASIC and going through documentation about computers, operating systems and of course computer security. During my time in school I was hired as system administrator implementing security and hardening systems for a large ISP and that job took me on the same journey im still wandering. On the way ive had opportunities to work as Chief Hacker and VP Customer Experience at International security companies.

Even thou I am security geek it doesn’t mean i don’t have a social life. i.e. I play in the 3rd division in the local Squash club, and i am also a board member. I love old retro horror movies, and to travel.

If you ever see me on a conference, or just want to chat, do not hesitate to contact me.