Here you will be able to find both upcoming and past events i will speak at.
If you would like to invite me to an event, do not hesitate to contact me.

2016-09Defcamp 2016 in RomaniaN/A
2016-09Cyber Security Weekend on MaltaN/A
2016-09C-Qure Security EventN/A
2016-09NASK Security Event in PolandN/A
2016-09SEC-T In StockolmN/A
2016-06Copenhagen CyberCrime Conference 2016N/A
2016-05SecurityFest 2016 in GothenburgN/A
2016-05Governmental presentation in MadridN/A
2016-04Säkerhetskryssningen 2016N/A
2016-04Invite only conference in StockholmN/A
2016-03SIG Security in StockholmN/A
2016-02SINFO in PortugalN/A
2016-02Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in TeneriffeN/A
2016-01Guest lecture at Blekinge Technical UniversityN/A
2015-11NOLLDISTANS in StockholmN/A
2015-11Cyber Security Weekend in BudapestN/A
2015-11Nordic IT-Security Forum in StockholmN/A
2015-10CERT-PL Security Conference PolandN/A
2015-10ICS2 Conference in GermanyN/A
2015-09KnowIT Security DaysN/A
2015-09IDC Security CopenhagenN/A
2015-08Norwegian ISF Security ConferenceWebsite
2015-06Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2015Website
2015-05Closed door event in SwedenN/A
2015-05Kaspersky Security Event in LondonN/A
2015-04RSA Security Conference 2015N/A
2015-04Kaspersky crimware Event in CopenhagenN/A
2015-04Plymouth UniversityN/A
2015-03Karlstad Univeristy Security DayWebsite
2015-03Kaspersky Partner Conference in ZambiaN/A
2015-03IT-Solutions Expo in GothenburgN/A
2015-02Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2015Website
2014-12Code Blue Tokyo JapanWebsite
2014-12IT-Security event in StockholmN/A
2014-11Commaxx Event in StockholmN/A
2014-11Security Day in StockholmN/A
2014-10Kaspersky Partner Event in MontenegroN/A
2014-10Hacktivity in BudapestWebsite
2014-10Kaspersky Meeting in BarcleonaN/A
2014-10Kaspersky Greenday Conference in VilniusN/A
2014-10IT-Attacker Conference in StockholmN/A
2014-10Cyber Security Summit in BahrainN/A
2014-10Private presentation at Private LocationN/A
2014-09Private presentation at Private LocationN/A
2014-09IDC Security Conference in CopenhagenN/A
2014-09SEC-T Security Conference in StockholmN/A
2014-0924th Virus Bulletin International Conference in SeattleN/A
2014-06Kaspersky Student Conference (Finals) in StockholmWebsite
2014-06CIO Summit in South AfricaWebsite
2014-05Kaspersky Partner Conference in RigaN/A
2014-05Private presentation at private locationN/A
2014-04EasyFairs IT-Solutions Expo 2014 in GothenburgWebsite
2014-03Security Day at Karlstad UniversityWebsite
2014-02Mobile World Congress in BarcelonaWebsite
2014-02Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in Dominican RepublicWebsite
2014-01IDG IT-Security Event 2014 in CopenhagenWebsite
2013-11Kaspersky Seminar: Cyber psychology in StockholmN/A
2013-11Nordic IT-Security Summit/Forum in StockholmWebsite
2013-11Kaspersky Editorial Round in DenmarkN/A
2013-11IT2TRUST IT-Security Summit 2013 in CopenhagenWebsite
2013-10nSense Security Conference at secret locationN/A
2013-09IDC Security Roadshow in DenmarkWebsite
2013-09Kaspersky VIP Event in EstoniaN/A
2013-09CATWALK/DEVCON in KarlskronaWebsite
2013-09SEC-T Security Conference in StockholmWebsite
2013-09Kaspersky Partner Conference in South AfricaN/A
2013-08Nordic Security Conference on IcelandWebsite
2013-06The Economist - Digital Horizons in StockholmWebsite
2013-02Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in Puerto RicoWebsite
2013-01IT Innovation Expo 2013 GothenburgWebsite
2013-01Guest lecture at Malmoe UniversityN/A
2012-11Kaspersky Open Day in AmsterdamN/A
2012-11Kaspersky Open Day in CopenhagenN/A
2012-11Kaspersky Open Day in StockholmN/A
2012-10Infosec 2012 in AmsterdamN/A
2012-10Internetdagarna in StockholmWebsite
2012-09Virus Bulletin 2012 in DallasWebsite
2012-09Catwalk 2012 in KarlskronaWebsite
2012-09DevCon 2012 in KarlskronaWebsite
2012-09Kaspersky Open Day in BalticsN/A
2012-09Kaspersky Open Day in SloveniaN/A
2012-09Kaspersky Open Day in GreeceN/A
2012-09IDC Security conference event in CairoWebsite
2012-09Next Generation Threats 2012 in SwedenWebsite
2012-08IDC Security conference event in JohannesburgWebsite
2012-08Nordic Security Conference 2012 in IcelandWebsite
2012-07IDC Security conference event in LagosWebsite
2012-07Blackhat / Defcon 2012Website
2012-06DIT Security Conference in DenmarkCancelled
2012-05Kaspersky International Student Conference in NetherlandsN/A
2012-04Infosec Europe 2012 in LondonWebsite
2012-04Kaspersky Partner Event in PragueN/A
2012-03Dustin Expo 2012 in StockholmWebsite
2012-03Crimeware Event 2012 DenmarkWebsite
2012-03Infosec Europe 2012 in BrusselsWebsite
2012-03IDC Security conference event in BudapestWebsite
2012-02Kaspersky Student Conference in PraugeWebsite
2012-01Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2012 MexicoWebsite
2012-01Danish IT - IT-Security 2012Website
2012-01ICT Expo GothenburgWebsite
2011-11Kaspersky Partner Event in JordanN/A
2011-11Outpost24 Security BreifingWebsite
2011-11Kaspersky Mobile Security Event in DenmarkN/A
2011-09CIO Summit Saudi ArabiaWebsite
2011-09Kaspersky Security Symposium in MunichN/A
2011-09CatWalk 2011Website
2011-09DevCon 2011Website
2011-09SEC-T ConferenceWebsite
2011-06Dreamhack Summer 2011Website
2011-05Crimeware roadshow in DenmarkN/A
2011-05IDC CIO Summit in ZagrebWebsite
2011-04Kaspersky Student ConferenceN/A
2011-03IDC CIO Summit in South AfricaWebsite
2011-03Panel discussion at Easy Fairs in StockholmN/A
2011-03Workshop at the University of PlymouthWebsite
2011-03Internal Technical Session for BluecoatN/A
2011-02Customized Workshop for SofthouseWebsite
2010-09Dreamhack Winter 2010Website
2010-09Kaspersky Security Symposium in MunichN/A
2010-09Security World 2010 (TV recording)Website
2010-07IT2TRUST Security Crimeware roadshow in DenmarkN/A
2010-05Antivirus in Focus at TechDemoWebsite
2010-04Guest lecture at the Technical University of BlekingeWebsite
2010-04Dustin Expo 2010Website